Thursday, August 25, 2011


About a month ago, I made a comment on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn about Passion. This is something that yourcustomers can see, feel, smell and taste in the way you do business with them. You can do the same at other places you shop at. People who have passion for what they do stand out and make you feel good. Here is an excellent example of someone who stood out to me recently.

Working the National Flute Association Conference in Charlotte, NC a couple weeks ago, Amy Pribulick (Conn-Selmer Flute Product Manager) and I were heading back to the hotel and we stopped to take a picture of the marquee at the convention center to post on the Avanti Facebook page. While taking the picture, Reginald, a worker at the Convention Center made a suggestion on a time to get the best shot. However, in addition to this he also suggested taking a trip across the street to check out the small park with the great picture opportunities. This might not seem like much... but the cordial nature and enthusiasm that he spoke about that little park was amazing! It made me smile and look forward to the show!

Do you present that type of passion with your customers? Do you show how much you love what you do and the fact that you have the opportunity to do what you do?

It feels great to make money. You love the feeling of a great sales day. But most of the time, You are not really paying attention to those sales as they happen. You are "in the zone". You are so wrapped up in expressing your passion (without actually saying anything) that those sales just happen.

Your customers can feel your love for what you do... but are you doing what you love?

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