Friday, January 25, 2013

Sharing is Caring

sharing This week is the annual Winter NAMM show in Anaheim, CA and I have yet to set foot on the show floor in my career. I have been to plenty of state educator shows and national product shows, but NAMM is one I have yet to experience. Now, being a gear hound, I can imagine how many things I would want to play with and try while walking the aisles. In addition to the tons and tons of gear, there are the NAMM University sessions throughout the day as well. What better place is there to get so many ideas under one roof?

Now, I am fortunate enough to have a fairly varied territory that has a number of creative owners and staff members that have come up with a lot of great ideas. Part of the job that I love is being able to share these ideas with others. Something I have been trying to focus on is helping dealers overcome obstacles they are facing and grow their business. If there is an idea that is successful, it is worth trying. If there is an idea that is successful, it is worth sharing. Something I have seen to be often overlooked is cultivating existing customers. Most dealers will work to get their rental customers to set up to a better instrument. However, there is money being left on the table.

How often are you making contact with your existing rental customers to promote other services or products you offer? For example, if you offer a maintenance program with your rental contract, how often do you have contact with your customers with maintenance tips or reminders for service? Why not encourage those customers to come in for an instrument check up? Below is an idea on how to turn those rental customers into something a little more. Please feel free to download the files and customize the plan to work for you.

Yearly Maintenance Promotion
YMP - Postcard

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